Get to Know Sharetta

I am running for Mayor because I love Lima.

My roots extend across 5 generations starting with my grandparents who came to Lima almost 80 years ago to work in Lima’s steel mills. Coming from a large family, I grew up surrounded by a community of hard-working, caring, people who despite tough times, always taught and believed that better days were ahead. 

I have over a decade of experience working in the judicial and executive branches of local government beginning with my service as an Assistant District Public Defender and later a Magistrate for Tennessee’s 11th Judicial District, and most recently as Chief of Staff for the City of Lima under Lima Mayor David Berger. 

Prior to joining the Berger Administration, I worked four years in the public defender’s office representing hundreds of clients who could not afford a private attorney across a broad spectrum of charges ranging from public intoxication to murder and served six terms as a Magistrate for Hamilton County General Sessions Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee; reporting to the county commission. As a magistrate I presided over probable cause and bond hearings, issued arrest and search warrants, and appointed counsel for indigent defendants. 

In my role as Chief of Staff, I serve as a senior advisor to the Mayor, supporting 38,000 citizens, administering a $38M operating budget, managing seven departments including, Finance, Community Development, Public Works, Human Resources, Utilities, Police, and Fire with a combined 400+ member workforce.  In addition to leading the operations of city government, I’ve also spent the last four years building consensus around a number of issues to get things done, learning what does (and what doesn’t) work in local government, and most importantly listening.

Over the last four years, I’ve been in homes, private and public businesses and nonprofits listening to other people who love Lima.  They talk about their businesses and their jobs, their families, their neighborhoods, their churches and about their hopes and dreams for Lima.  They talk about the kind of city they want to live in, and what role they expect city government to play in making that happen. 

I have earned numerous awards including being named one of Chattanooga’s Top 20 under 40, and the 2011 Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga Young Professional of the Year.  I am also a graduate of Leadership Chattanooga, Allen Lima Leadership, and Leadership Ohio.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in general studies / communications from the University of Toledo, a law degree from Ohio Northern University, and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. 

Before I earned those awards or degrees, or became a public defender, a magistrate, or chief of staff, I was the child of an incarcerated parent, and later a young mom on public assistance while matriculating through college and later law school. I’ve survived cancer and also fought my way out of poverty.  That’s’ the Sharetta that shows up for work every day.  That is the Sharetta that listens to her community, that fights for her community, that works with her community, and believes that Lima’s best days are ahead of her.

I am running for mayor because I believe that Lima needs leadership that not only understands, but is also qualified to do the job of a mayor.  I am running because I am that leader.