Smith Announces Plan to Build Better Government for Lima


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LIMA – Lima mayoral candidate Sharetta Smith announced her plan to build a better government for Lima today in a video released by her campaign. The policy was drafted after conversations with Lima residents over the last year and builds on her experience as Lima’s Chief of Staff, a position she has held for nearly four years.

In the video, Smith commits to ensuring city government is responsive, transparent and competent.and responds to community challenges, with policies that make a difference for Lima residents.

Smith’s plan outlines four steps she will take to build better government
⦁ Conduct a thorough review of all departments and engage employees, with a goal of greater efficiency, effectiveness, and getting things done.
⦁ Gather input from those who deal with government, including individuals, neighborhood leaders, businesses large and small, and nonprofits.
⦁ Expand partnerships with our county and state leaders and regional mayors.Smith will use her experience bringing together different voices
to encourage investment, create new and expand current job offerings, and provide a measurable, strategic focus for our city and region.
⦁ Renew the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Every city department must act to ensure that all Limans have a place at the table and that policy is created and implemented fairly and equitably.

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