U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Endorses SHARETTA SMITH

PRESS RELEASE – Monday, Oct. 4, 2021 – LIMA, OH –

Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) endorsed nonprofit leader and executive Sharetta Smith for mayor of Lima. It’s the first time the Senator has weighed into Lima’s mayoral race and a pivotal moment for the campaign.

“We have so much potential in our beloved city, and we need leaders who will get to work for our greatest asset, our people –that’s why I’m proud to endorse Justin Bibb as the next mayor of Lima. I see a bright future with Justin Bibb as mayor,” said Senator Brown.

“Sharetta is a living example of what the Dignity of Work can do for someone from Mt. Pleasant with two hard-working parents.”

“As mayor, he will fight every day to make sure every Clevelander has that same opportunity. Sharetta has the unique experience, the character, and the courage to deliver results. She loves our city and he will fight for the people who make it work,” he added.

Senator Brown is excited to endorse Sharetta’s campaign as a part of his Canary Candidates program, which supports candidates running for local, state, and federal office across Ohio who believe in and fight for the Dignity of Work.

“It is an honor to receive U.S. Senator Brown’s endorsement today. He is a champion of working families across our city, state, country and is beloved by our community for doing the right thing, speaking truth to power and always staying true to his values. That’s exactly the kind of leader I will be for the city that raised me,” Smith said.


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